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Property Boundary & Split Surveys

What are Property Boundary & Split Surveys?

Property Boundary Surveys is a way to locate, verify, or reestablish and reset property corners.  Split Surveys takes an existing tract of land and splits it  into one or more smaller tracts of land.

Hattesohl & Associates Land Surveying LLC regularly provides Property Boundary Surveys and Split Surveys for the surrounding area.

The Property Boundary Survey is a way to determine property boundaries between landowners. The surveyor will use the landowners deed, and other land survey records to find the existing property corner markers and set new markers as needed to identify the client’s corner locations. This gives owners the exact location of all property borders to use when necessary.

Split Surveying is similar to Boundary Surveying but it includes splitting a single tract of land into one or more smaller tracts of land. This is useful for people who want to sell off some but not all land, or are wanting to build and they need a separate tract of land for the structure they are building.